JVL HD3 Update Kit, With Encore You Can Experience High-Definition Games Like Never Before

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With Encore You Can Experience High-Definition Games Like Never Before
With Encore you can experience high-definition games like never before. Beyond Games, Beyond Music,
Beyond Tournaments... The iTouch HD3 software and software upgrade for the Encore/Echo Entertainment
System is more than just a collection of great new games and features. Its a brand-new way to experience
games, music, and tournaments!

14 new and exciting games in high definition are included in the new HD3 / High Definition 3 system of
games. Including Rush'n Attack HD, Bonbon Deluxe Survival HD, Gone Fish'n HD, Big Tacki HD, Bonbon
Deluxe Classic HD, What's the Difference? Erotic HD, Fortune Taipei HD, Gone Karting HD, Kick 11's HD,
Monster Mash HD, Monster Truck HD, Pirate Madness HD, Texas Hold'em HD and Zoozzzle HD.

11 new HD games from the JVL HD2 have been added to the 12 HD games on JVL HD1 game systems. JVL
HD2 games include Big Tacki HD, BonBon Delux HD, Erotic WTD HD, Fortune Taipei HD, Gone Carting HD,
Kick 11's HD, Monster Mash HD, Monster Truck HD, Pirate Madness HD, Texas Holdem HD, and Zoozzle HD.
The Encore/Echo game system feature these great JVL HD2 games along with the 12 HD games on JVL HD1
and all the I-Touch 11 system games below.

In addition to 143 proven winners, iTouch 11 features four new games: "Gone Ice Fishing" and "Underwater
Mess" - both of which have been beautifully adapted from HD - as well as exciting new takes on "Big Tacki"
and "Kick 11´s".

Other old favorites include Treasure Hunt, Under Water Mess, What's The Difference?,
Wild Dice, Zoozzle, Taipei Towers, Bingo Star, Starbugs, Zoozzle, Gone Eggstreme, Candy Store, Realty
Tycoon, MMM...Munchies, Domino, Fast Food, Monster Trucks, NumbeRun, Prison Break, Tacki 3, Slap
Shot, Don Drinking Too, Done Drinking Too Censored, Monkey Around, Done Drinking, Crazy Quarters,
Gone Bowling, Bonbon Hard Candy, Knock Out, Hooked On Fishing, Pig Latin, Clock Teasers, Hot Links,
Texas Hold'em No Limit, Erotic WTD, Gone Fishing, Bonbon Factory, Monster_Mash, Heart Attack, Loco 8's,
At A Glance, Word Builder, Sum_Fun, Triple Tease, Sum Fun Erotic, revamped Strip Poker, Erotic Suits &
Pairs, Peep Show, Pyramid Runs, Suits and Pairs, Racing 11, Triple Towers, Classic Solitaire, Flush 21,
Pick 21, Elevens, Power Towers, Slot 21, Free Cell, Thirty One, Power Pick 21, Draw Poker, Black Jack,
Jocker Wild, Pick 2, Pick 3, Treasure Hunt, Color Drops, Wild Dice, What's The Difference, Fortune
Tappei, Matching Pairs, Rush Hour, PicSonix, Jigsaw Puzzle, Mine Sweeper, Mission Impossible, Eye
Twister, Runaway, 2Tacki, Lines, Pirates Madness, Tacki, Blocks, Tik Tak Toe, Join 11, Three Color,
Squax, Getta Line, Cosmi Checkers, Pegged, Battleship, Silver Cue, Golden Cue, Cricket, Pinball, Darts,
Bubble Up, Tennis, Xtreme-Racing, Air Hockey, Rush In Attack, Soccer, Magic Hoops, Shuffleboard, The
Wall, Word Builder, Double Quiz, Magic Spell, Word Maze, Words, Word Chase, Type-O-Phrase, Strip
Poker, Bubble Bath, Sexonix, Tile-A-Babe, Carnal Knowledge, Sex Type, Bomb Shell, Jigsaw Puzzle,
Matching Pairs and the following Triathlon Games, Bling-Bling, Triple Run, Mexican Heart, U-Pick,
Memories Of Taipei, Tacki Pirates, Spell Bound, Mixed Bag, Einstein, Sharp Shooter, Snake Eyes and FYEO.
150+ games.

JVL touch screen entertainment machines are state-of-the-art. ECHO countertop is a revolutionary product
that incorporates perimeter lighting, Flash memory technology and innovative security features. These
elements accompanied by our software, make this countertop the most desired and reliable machine on the
market today.

ECHO is designed to allow for easy collection and simple service access. The coin boxes have especially
large capacity - to help collect your profit.

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